digitalvastuWe were the first to build the tallest tower in Guwahti. The vastu was done by Mr. Ashok Sachdev. After its success we made the first mall in Guwahti and this was designed and made as per vastu. We did face some unexpected problems but we were able to overcome them and complete the project on time.

We have done several projects of building complexes and in all our projects Mr. Ashok Sachdev’s vastu suggestions helped us in all stages of our projects. We are building a college of Architecture. The design, dimensions, layout is as per vastu and is being built under the able guidance of Mr. Ashok Sachdev. We appreciate his deep understanding of the subject and recommend him to all.

Arch. Abani Das (Chairman & Managing Director – Donna Builders)

digitalvastuAshok Sachdev is a thorough professional in Vastu and metaphysical healing techniques and has vast knowledge in this field. I was experiencing some issues and disturbance at my new home when I was recommended to Ashokji through a family friend. He was quick to identify the flaws and negativity in the new premises. He offered some Vastu corrections following to which things have normalized and now I feel much peaceful and energetic at home.

He also suggested emerald ring for my daughter who is pursuing CA. This has helped my daughter to concentrate on her studies. I can confidently say that he is a master at focusing and recharging the positive unseen energy force of nature. I have personally recommended Ashokji’s services to some of my friends and they are extremely happy with the results thereafter. My best wishes for him. May God bless him in everything he does.

Mr. Mahendra Dubey (Business Unit Head – Smollan Services Pvt Ltd)

digitalvastu Last year I was going through very bad and trying times and around that time I met Mr. Ashok Sachdev. After getting a few vastu corrections done at home on the advice of Mr. Ashok Sachdev, things started working very well for me. By the grace of God and Mr. Ashok Sachdev I am very comfortable now. I strongly recommend him to all.

Mr. Sunil Dhawan (All India Head – Healthcare business group – IPSOS Market Research)


digitalvastu Ashok Sachdev has contributed to our happiness and well being. His valuable suggestions in Vastu at our home and factory have shown immediate positive results. His inner peace is reflected in his words, actions and deeds which inspire us in our lives.

Mr. Ajay Mehta (Managing Director – SMI Coated Products Pvt. Ltd.)


digitalvastu Our Project in Chennai was stuck for over 5 years. We consulted several vastu experts with no positive change. Mr. Ashok Sachdev studied the land and changed the vibrations, our project took off immediately and we completed the project satisfactorily.

Mr. Ashok Sachdev has done earth healing for all our projects and the corrections done in our Thane project has protected us from Ley line passing through our plot. The position of everything in our plot is as per Vastu and the ground energy is 49500 Bovis. All the internal offices have entrances in correct position and the earth has very high positive energy. All are happy to have an office in our building and are growing well financially.

Mr. Uma Shankar Modi (MBC group of companies)

digitalvastu Mr. Ashok Sachdev was recommended by my friend and after consulting him for my property in Alibagh and the success I got by making a small change gave me a lot of confidence. I use his services for myself and all my clients as I have found that there is magic in what he does.

My success depends a lot on my clients and they are happy with the services of Mr. Ashok Sachdev. They are doing well in their business and are giving me a lot of repeat business. Mr. Sachdev’s

approach is ethical and simple. I recommend him to one & all.

Arch. Sanjeev Kudalkar (Owner/ Principal Designer at Sanjeev Kudalkar & Associates)