Beginning & spread Of Vastu

Several stories abound regarding the beginnings of Vastu science. One of the Mythological stories states the Vastu was a demon who by virtue of his prayers to Lord Shiva obtained his blessings and became the master in masters of land and house construction.

The science of Vastu encompasses the following.

Type of earth, air, water, fire ether, sunlight, sound, light, land, gravitational pull, direction of flow magnetism, rotation and revolution of earth, effect of high tension electrical lines, type of vegetation, direction of flow of winds. Things suitable and unsuitable for our 5 senses, effect of positive and negative vibrations of the sun, moon and planets on humans and methods to absorb the good vibrations and reduce the effect of negative vibrations. Let me explain with the help of a simple example. Swimming against the current in a river or walking against the direction of strong winds is uncomfortable but it is easier and comfortable to go along the flow of river or direction of the wind. Sleeping during the day and keeping awake during night is troublesome and unhealthy.

The magnetic north is near the North Pole and the magnetic south is near the South Pole. Similarly in a human, the head is the magnetic north and the feet the magnetic south. As unlike poles attract and like poles repel, human should sleep with his head towards the south. The enables one gets good, deep sleep, but if a person sleeps in any other way he is likely to get a disturbed sleep as he will not be aligned to the magnetic lines of force in a proper way.

When choosing a place to live it is essential to see that there is no offensive smell, excessive sounds or sites which are repulsive to see or do not generate goods feelings, should be avoided as these shall prove to be non-beneficial. Such situations prove to be bad for mental and physical health. Avoid high voltage overhead electric lines as they induce magnetism, which interferes with the functioning of the body.

Use trees and plants which have a good aroma and also use plants or their photographs which are beautiful to see and create a good impression. Photographs of baby, a beautiful lady and good scenery create a good atmosphere. Use of photographs, which depict animals killed or being killed, naked women etc. have an adverse effect on the mind.

The following rules should be observed.

  1. One can keep Ramayana Bhagwat Gita, Bible and Koran.
  2. should never keep Mahabharata at home as it a story of mistakes.