Digital VastuAfter several years of dedicated work on harmful earth energies and their methods of elimination I have found several effective methods of eliminating the harmful earth energies.

One must have observed that a person who has been doing well in business for several years suddenly finds that his business is sliding down for no fault of his. If you inspect the place of work of such a person you are sure to find some sort of geopathic stress at the place where he sits or in the area of his work. It is also possible that such a stress line may be acting adversely on the person he trusts most, this may also be the reason his business is not doing well.

The best solution in this case is to clear the harmful stress lines, the source of the problem.

We may find that our neighbors are suddenly opposing us or unforeseen difficulties are faced in a plot of land or the behaviour of our child has changed suddenly. Then there is reason to be concerned, eliminating the harmful energies often solves the problems.

In India people run to astrologer and vastu consultants for their answers. Most astrologers claim to be vastu consultants and have little or no scientific knowledge.

How can an astrologer estimate what type of earth energy is moving in your space? The earth faults may be due to Hartmann’s grid or curry grid, the water lines, ley lines, sever lines, faults due to construction of railroads, bridges, flyovers, or new roads. They may be due to changes in earth’s crust.

The proper understanding of the cause can help in finding the right solution.

Followers of traditional vastu choose to close their eyes to the new developments and choose to follow the beaten track. Geopathic stress has increased 600 to 700% in the last four decades. This is due to the intensive development in all our areas of life.

If we check the jungles of Africa where there is no electricity, radio towers or any such man made electrical or electronic interference the stress lines are very weak as if nonexistent. But in all places of fast development, factories, mills, cities, ports, large rail and road traffic, power houses, electrical and radio towers, the stresses are rampant and lives of the people are adversely affected.

Their immune system becomes weak leading to diseases like cancer, ME, arthritis etc. Research all over the world has shown that 65% of the cancer cases have the cause in geopathic stress.

Hence I strongly feel that every place must get a “Geopathic Survey” done for their property and in case they find the presence of such harmful energies prompt action must be taken.