Important Of Entrance location

Let us look at the vastu purush again. As per the mythology 33 Gods and Goddesses are pinning the vastu purush down. Of the 33 some are benevolent and some not, hence the entrance location is as per the places where we find benevolent energies.

Having the entrance at the position where it is auspicious gives good results. It is often told by lay people that only North and East entrances are good. West and South entrances are bad. It is not true at all as all the sides have the good and bad positions.

If one says North entrance is good it is not the whole truth. The North direction when divided into 9 parts shows only 3 are auspicious points of entrance while the rest are not considered auspicious. This implies that 66% of the positions which we call as North entrance are not auspicious.

Importance Entrance
This technology can be incorporated while building the water storage tanks.

The above figure shows how to see the auspicious and inauspicious points of entrances in a given place. These facts have been kept hidden by many Vastu consultants and opening the knowledge of this will help many people to select properly their house and also correct their present residence.

It has been observed that the auspicious points of a place have higher energy than other locations. These energies can be measured by use of lecher antenna and a Bovis meter or by dowsing also though the former method is more preferable and accurate.

Given below is a description of the effect of an entrance on the life of an individual. Many times people say that they are not experiencing the effect in such cases I have found that they have not measured the angles correctly and are calculating the position exactly. They forget that approximations do not work. In such matters one should be as exact as possible.


Each side has been divided into 9 equal parts and each part has been numbered. The effect is of location is as below.

East Side

1.Loss Due to Fire

2.Female Growth


4.Govt. Favour

5.Lack of Peace

6.False Accusation

7.Cruelty or Unpleasantness

8.Loss Due to Theft

9.Loss Due to Fire, Financial Loss, Damage to Male Child

South Side

9.Loss Due to Fire, Financial Loss, Damage to Male Child



12.Prosperity, Human Growth



15.Financial Loss

16.Damage to capabilities of Son

17.Trouble to Son, unwanted Expenses

West Side

17.Trouble to son, unwanted Expenses


19.Financial Loss

20.Financial and Human Growth

21.Govt. Harassment

22.Financial Loss


24.Tragic Death, Accidental Injury, Imprisonment

North Side

24.Tragic Death, Accidental Injury, Imprisonment



27.Financial Gain, Human Growth

28.All type of Gains

29.Enemity with Son

30.Defect in Females

31.Failure, unsuccessful / Loss Due to fire

A common problem observed is that people feel that if the entrance is correct the whole vastu is correct. It is a serious misunderstanding. If the entrance is correct then only one major point is correct, there are several such issues of equal importance. Do not be in an illusion, look at all the aspects. We shall discuss several such aspects and provide solution to the difficult problems.

If the entrance is in the wrong location, the problem can be rectified by the use of energy rings that can be placed at auspicious points. Do not be deluded in to thinking that if the entrance is correct, all other flaws will also be corrected. A correct entrance is only half the battle won, building the home in alignment to magnetic axis, ensuring correct placement and talking earth stress are the other important areas.

The energy ring as shown in the diagram emits positive energy rays generated by its shape and construction the frequency of which varies depending on the diameter of the ring.

Whenever we consider an auspicious entrance the energy at that point is more than other points, so in case we have low energy at entrance we should find the nearest auspicious point of entrance and increase the energy at that point such that we have a creation of a source point of high energy. As this point becomes more powerful than the point of entrance. We get the results of an auspicious entrance with the help of this simple method.

Energy rings find many applications in vaastu correction. They are used to increase the energy of a place to a certain level, to block curry lines whenever they are of high intensity, as high intensity curry lines are harmful to humans.


1.A German physicist, Ernst Lecher, invented the Lecher antenna. This instrument is used by Vaastu Shastra experts to detect ‘defective’ energy meridians in a given plot/structure.

2.The Bovis Biometer was developed by Frenchman André Bovis and his colleague Andre Simonton. It uses a pendulum to gauge the intensity of the rays of a place, plant or object.

3.Dowsing is the action of ‘divining’ or ‘finding’ a source of energy or water and precious metals, using a metal rod or a pendulum.

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