Digital VastuEarth healing is a system designed to counter the harmful earth energies. These harmful earth energies create imbalance in a human body and keep it in a constant state of disorientation. They affect the immune system and lower its capacity to function effectively.

Several ways have been devised all over the world to divert these energies to places not owned by them. The systems developed are used in open plots but there is no authentic answer for an indoors situation.


The new solution developed is for indoors application.

Earth Healing

Digital VastuToday people live in houses built of steel and concrete, the earth energies get distorted and intensified due to too much construction in big cities. When the magnetic energies of the earth symbolized by Hartmann’s grid and curry grid touch the building, they spread throughout the building, through the steel used in construction.

There is another important factor that needs consideration is the electromagnetic field created by water flowing below the ground. This has a profound effect on the human body; it affects the human body as a knife slicing through it. All these energies are in the realm of the unseen but their effects can be measured.

A system of “Earth healing” has been devised to convert the negative, energy lowering and distorting energies to positive, life giving & high energies.

Result of EARTH HEALING in an organization.

  • A feeling of balance in the work force.
  • Better interpersonal relations.
  • Higher productivity and performance.
  • Increase in reputation.
  • Lesser absenteeism
  • A feeling of good energy in the atmosphere.
  • Higher profitability.

Result of EARTH HEALING in an educational institute.

  • More discipline and a feeling of balance in everyone.
  • All are more relaxed and focused.
  • Students become more innovative and creative.
  • Opportunity to create greater excellence.

Additional Benefits

  • Better health and mental balance.
  • Boosts immune system