Vastu For Happy Home

The layout of a home must be such that there are no obstructions to smooth flow of energy and the energy should follow the natural patterns. Even in confined space, correct Vastu enables smooth flow positive cosmic energy. Energy traps should be carefully handled. The directions decide the source and sink of energy.

The theory of two streams of energy is a powerful tool is Vastu shastra analysis to access the nature of energy blockages and related solutions. The constant north south magnetic flux is termed as jaivic urja and the variable solar energy flux as “pranic urja. For jaivic urja the north direction is the source and the west is the sink. The transit of the sun from east to southeast to south to southwest to west during its journey during the day generates varying energy patterns through the confluence of pranic urja and jaivic urja and the qualities of a house are determined.


  1. Pooja room must be in the NE corner of the house.
  2. Place the deity on the east wall with deity facing west.
  3. The deity should not be put on the north wall facing south.
  4. In certain circumstances the deity can face north or east.
  5. In case of a bungalow or multi storied house, the deity must be on the ground floor and never on upper floors.
  6. Muslims should also have their prayer room in the NE corner. In India they should face west since Mecca is located west of India.

BATHROOM (For having bath only)

  1. The bathroom should be on the East Side or north as an alternative
  2. If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom then it should be on the northwest, east or north of the bedroom.
  3. The slope should be such that the water is drained from the north east corner.
  4. Keep bathtubs in the West Side of the bathroom with its head pointing towards south.


Since most people live in flats they have severe limitation with regard to positioning of toilet and bathroom. The following rules must be followed carefully.

  1. Toilets should be avoided in the north & east direction.
  2. The toilet should never be located in north or northeast. In the north direction it causes drain of wealth and in the NE direction it causes diseases.


  1. Kitchen should be located in the fire corner, the south east part of the house.
  2. Within the kitchen the gas, microwave, oven, refrigerator should be in the south east side.
  3. The water drainage should be in the northwest or northeast corner of the kitchen.
  4. Face east while cooking.
  5. Keep east and north side more open.
  6. If the kitchen is in the east part of the house it causes financial loss.
  7. If the kitchen is in the north east corner the owner will lose in all spheres of life.
  8. The sink should not be in the north east corner but the drinking water and drainage of water is permitted in the NE corner.
  9. Lofts can be made on all sides but north and east must be kept lighter.
  10. Kitchen can be located in the North West corner of the house but cooking should be done facing east in the south east part of the kitchen.
  11. Kitchen should be avoided in the north direction.


  1. Sleep with your head towards south or east.
  2. If you are a guest in some one’s house put your head on the west.
  3. For males in in-laws’ house, put head towards west.
  4. During journey put your head towards west.
  5. Never sleep with your head towards north.
  6. Sleeping with head towards east leads to enlightenment.
  7. Sleeping with head towards west causes unhappiness and sorrow.
  8. Sleeping with head towards north, which is opposite to earth’s magnetic field leads to a diseased state & restlessness. Bad dreams are common. The person is in a constant state of stress.


  1. The position of the bedroom should be in the south, SW part of the house.
  2. The bedroom can be in east, NE and SE part also. The children can sleep in these rooms.
  3. The children can sleep with their head towards east.
  4. NW corner is controlled by the air element hence having a bedroom in this part keeps the spouse away i.e. having a sales job, jobs involving staying away from home. It also causes high mental activity, restlessness. The person is likely to have slept related problems.
  5. Bedroom in the east is also considered unhealthy.
  6. Bedroom in the north will push the user in financial crisis.
  7. The head of human being is of north polarity and feet the south. Hence sleeping with your head towards the south direction ensures long life.


  1. The width of a door should be half the height.
  2. The door should not be too wide or narrow.
  3. Square doors should be avoided.
  4. The frame of the door should be rectangular, any other shape should be avoided, and an arch if provided should be above the door.
  5. The main door should be properly worshiped when it is being installed.
  6. The total number of doors, windows, ventilators on a floor should be in even number but should not end in zero-i.e. It should not be 10, 20, and 30….etc.
  7. The main door should be larger than all the doors of the house.
  8. The door should not be automatic or power operated.
  9. The movement of the door should be smooth, easy and without any creaking sound.
  10. A door opening to the northeast brings success and prosperity.
  11. A door opening towards east brings happiness and contentment.
  12. A door opening towards north is a guarantee for prosperity.
  13. If the door is in northwest direction it gives ordinary benefits.
  14. If the door is towards west it leads to disputes and benefits if any are delayed.
  15. A south-opening door is bad in all respects. Troubles of all sorts crop up and success in any venture becomes a distant possibility.
  16. When the main door is in the southwest direction it leads to various insults, humiliations etc.
  17. When the main door is in the southeast direction it gives ordinary benefits and there is lack of peace.
  18. If the main entrance door faces east, north, northeast, the family lives in contentment even in adverse circumstances.
  19. If the main door is towards south it is good to have a door in east or north to counter the bad influence.


Toilet Bathroom

There are four types of door alignments as below:


  1. The Staircase should be provided in West or North sides of a building.
  2. The turning should be in clockwise (Right Hand) direction while climbing the stairs.
  3. On emerging at the upper floor, we should face South or East.
  4. The Number of Risers should be such odd numbers, so that if divided by 3, the balance is always 2.


  1. The Overhead water tank should be provided in the West zone, it can be provided at other places except Southeast or Northwest.
  2. Heavy overhead tanks should be avoided in Northeast zone.


  1. A house without roof or ceiling, doors or windows is considered inauspicious
  2. If housing warming ceremony or Vastu shanty is not performed is considered inauspicious.
  3. A house with is main entrance in south is considered inauspicious.
  4. A house situated opposite to a place of worship, temple or mosque is considered inauspicious.
  5. A house in which someone has committed suicide is considered inauspicious.
  6. A house with a cat is considered in auspicious as cats stay only at places of low ground energy.
  7. A house with a cow is considered auspicious.
  8. On entering a house, one should not face fire, gas cylinders, cooking gas or a toilet.
  9. A toilet right in front of a house is inauspicious.
  10. A pole or similar obstruction at the main entrance is considered inauspicious as the energy flow is obstructed.

Several other aspects have to be taken into consideration like detection of stress lines, which shift the balance of a person. A person on such a line is likely to make mistakes in simple matters, develops an irritable personality and is likely to be tense all the time. Suitable corrective measures can be suggested by proper detailed examination of the site for any empathic stresses.

Detection of underground water system is of prime importance. Research has shown people living at a point where two water veins cross develop cancer and those living on a single waterline are known to suffer from degenerative diseases.