Let us step out from the Realm of Physical Vastu into the Realm of Unseen Energies Controlling the Science of Vastu Digital Vastu Helps Improve Relations Stop the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations Fill your home with strong
positive peaceful vibrations Remove stagnant energy of old buildings / plots

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Judged as the best Aura analyst in the year 1999 by “The Indian Express” Sachdev is one of the founders of Aura diagnosis movement in India. He specializes in understanding the unseen energies of the human body and of the earth. He is very passionate about the science of “Vastu” and “Earth Healing” He sees the earth as having death inbuilt in it.

Correcting, healing and balancing a place can prevent damage to the body from harmful earth energies. Increasing the energy level of the earth and converting them from life sucking, to life giving energies provides hope of a healthier life.

Ashok Sachdev (Founder)


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  • The dangers Of Bad Earth Energies

    The health of a person is considered perfect when the energies are flowing through him/her without any blockages in the meridian points and chakras. The aim of acupuncture or acupressure has always been to unblock, balance and normalize the flow...

    Vastu For Happy Home

    The layout of a home must be such that there are no obstructions to smooth flow of energy and the energy should follow the natural patterns. Even in confined space, correct Vastu enables smooth flow positive cosmic energy. Energy traps...

    Important Of Entrance location

    Let us look at the vastu purush again. As per the mythology 33 Gods and Goddesses are pinning the vastu purush down. Of the 33 some are benevolent and some not, hence the entrance location is as per the places...

    Plot Selection Criteria

    The commencement of Vastu for a plot is by testing the earth, for the following • Shape • Colour • Odour • Taste • Hardness • Density • Porosity • Level When considering a plot the most important factor is...


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