Digital VastuThe understanding of ethics and ethical dowsing is a critical component in the teaching and practice of successful dowsing. It is important to discuss this as the introductory dowsing classes may not have the resources to cover all these areas in depth, dowsing is changing and growing and with this ethics must be strengthened rather than weakened. We must ensure that our integrity and practices are way beyond reproach among ourselves and in the community.

We should get involved in dowsing because of the love of it and pursue it due to your interest and pure love. Dowsing should become a part of you and you a part of it. We should not be lured in it for it is popular or the in thing or greed or it shall help us to make more money.

Because these areas had so much value, people started getting involved and for less altruistic reasons. Marketing reduced its value. Those who did not understand the Whole, the Source, and the Concept, who were not interested in the depths and the Whole — but sought solely the rewards — started getting involved.

The aliveness, complexity and depths became watered down, diluted.

It was seen that these areas were good, therefore popular, therefore money could be made. The love of money and the temptation towards power lead to spiritual corruption. Those who were not attuned with what we were doing caused problems for others so rules were established, rigidity took place, the heart and light grew dimmer.

Others who were on the outside looking in, those who were clever in recognizing good things were not necessarily coming from the same place we were. They want it easy.

Dowsing is about to undergo an explosion. We want to be prepared for it. We, who are currently, now on the front line are the Stewards of dowsing and it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity, to direct this and to see that we evolve properly. It is our JOB.

I hope that we do not relax our vigilance, that we do not try to make things easy in our desire to finally be understood by our critics (usually family) and to make it easy for those who do not comprehend; that we do not weaken the tenets, foundation and guidelines of Dowsing.

Dowsing is an Art, it is a Sacred Art and as we embrace dowsing we come from our heart and involve our spirit.

It is not necessary for us to dilute the essence of the concentration of the purity of dowsing to attract others, to have others we care about care about what we are doing.

People have been waking up for awhile. As folks start to understand what dowsing is, they want it. Dowsing is taking off the way Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc. have. It’s also more applicable to a greater number of people and their needs and uses.

Others see you as a shining beacon of strength and knowledge and mastery. Do not make yourself less in the vain hope that they will like you more. For that can only lead to disappointment.

When you stand tall and shining and proud and strong and confident in your abilities people will come to you and want what you have. You want to be your best to give them your best, because you care about them and the best way to give them the best is for you to be your best.

Do not profane what is sacred. This shall bring about a fall e.g. in profaning and cheapening and violating the sacredness of free will, of sexuality and of love the society has caused innumerable illnesses of the body and mind. All are suffering. Maintain the purity and the essence as Dowsing is a sacred art.

Dowse only for the highest good.

When you share this teaching with others, dowsing is not merely a technique. It is not just whirling your pendulum around and getting an answer. It is a connection with YOUR intuition, YOUR higher self, universal knowledge, and universal wisdom. It is precious. When you prepare to dowse you can reinforce this connection. When you share this art with others, you share with them this knowledge. You remind them of this and they will be grateful to you. We are thirsty for this; we crave the reconnection to our source. Dowsing is a way to get reconnected

You ask permission. You ask if you can do it or if you should do it. Sometimes you will get a no. Sometimes it may be because you don’t have the right to that information or it may not be time yet or any unknown reason.

It does not work if personal gain or your ego is involved or if you are not balanced or if you are emotionally attached to the outcome. This normally happens when you dowse for someone close to you or you love a lot.

This is not merely a physical technique. It is an art, it is a spiritual experience it is a way for you to reconnect

with your spirit and you will achieve results you may never be aware of on this plane.

Connect your head with your heart. Use it with reverence and with respect and grace and humility.

Dowse for need – not greed

You should never interfere with someone’s free will. You do not take advantage of another, especially someone who is less fortunate mentally, physically or financially or spiritually than you are.

By-Laws of the American Society of Dowsers have in their bye laws written the following. These if followed shall protect a person always.

” By the same token, the insidious trap of spiritual pride is to be avoided by the dowser. Psychic powers, intellectual aptitudes, faculties or physical skills are useless, unless applied for the benefit of all, because they bring increased sensitivity. These may properly be expressed only in an increasing awareness of the oneness of all life and in the greater love for the whole of humanity.

Any activity that investigates perpetuates and expands humankind’s lore, mysteries, beliefs, traditions and useful abilities should command at once loyalty and service. In the energizing of such activity, the power generated in and by a group of interested persons is greater by far than the mathematical sum of its numbers — one plus one is more than two.”

Some dowsing masters tell us that their masters did not permit them to dowse in certain areas until they fully ready to go to next level.

From what I’ve seen so far — those who do this best do it because they are naturally gifted this way.

There are many people who take a weekend workshop, decide they are a Reiki master and soon start telling everyone that they are teachers. There is so much one does not know, and he does not know that he is actually ignorant.

Please temper enthusiasm with patience, caution, study, exposure and practice.

There is a dowser, someone who has been dowsing for awhile, who knows the lingo and who uses meetings as an opportunity to solicit clients. He meets somebody, goes up to them, talks with them for a little while and pretty soon says something like “I can clear you (or your house or whatever) for only Rs 5000.” He is exhibiting the behavior here of a predator.

What he can actually do is probably questionable but for the small amount of money it gives, he will promise the moon. Compromising on ethical standards has an adverse effect on the person and in a short time will suffer the consequences. The universal energies are available for the good of mankind and the work must be done with total purity.

The following was written by Joyce Carroll, at ORI (Ozark Research Institute):


I will Remember:

None of us are “All knowing or All Seeing”

I will not automatically assume every person wants a healing from me or that

they wish to hear my opinion on their particular challenge.

No matter how eager I may be to help. I will WAIT until I am asked to help

and until I have received Permission to help.

Most of us prefer not to have our challenges advertised to the world.

I will Respect others confidences and privacy.

I will not intrude on anyone’s space

I will never work with an ego or visions of “grandeur”.

I will always work from the Heart, with pure loving intent.

– Joyce Carroll

We have an exciting responsibility before us. Let us exercise our stewardship with discernment, good judgment, great wisdom, remaining true to ourselves and our craft, doing what is right rather that which is easy, popular or profitable as we focus with strong, clear laser light intent on the positive. Your energy goes where your attention flows.