When we speak of space clearing it does not only mean clearing the clutter in your house or removal of spirits from your home or chanting prayers or performing havans. It means a dynamic combination of many things and several methods to rid the space of past of energetic imbalances which are due to bad earth energies, pollution, bad and stagnated thought forms and traumas of the past stored in the consciousness of the earth where we live.

The energetic qualities of a property can be restored once the cause of distortions are studied and analysed, only then can we attune the energies of a space to their highest potential of expression.

Many people think that Vastu & Fengshui are just about placement of things in a given space but “Energetic Vastu” is far from these mundane understandings and moves towards the underlying forces of nature that determine the energetic quality of a given space and its efficient working depends on how well one understands these energies and finds solutions to clear the space and align it to its natural balance.

Once a space is cleared of its past baggage, harmful energies and stagnant vibrations there is an increased flow of good energy having powerful positive vibrations. There is feeling of lesser struggle, conflict. A strange kind of peace and comfort is experienced by all.

We now live in Kaliyug, hence there is a lot of negativity around us and often within us because of several reasons including effect of collective consciousness. We have to constantly strive to keep ourselves positive and be less affected by all types of negative news in newspapers, TV and incidents around us. When everyone tries to clear the space in which he lives and tries to change himself only, the world will become a better place to live.

Our outer space reflects our inner consciousness, hence by space clearing one will pave the way for the divine to enter his premises and fill his inner self with purity.