In the previous issues we have considered the Vastu Purush and its divine importance but now we now shall look at the house from a different point of view.

The concept of the Vastu purush is extended to consider that the house is the body and the body is the house.

So when we consider any house we observe that there is a place of kitchen, toilets, bathrooms etc. now each place has a proper place which is in accordance to the Vastu purush. This implies that the temple shall be where the head is and the location of the kitchen as east of south east, toilets on the west and the centre to be left clear which is the Brahmasthan.

Now the cosmic man which is assumed in the study of Vastu shastra is hurt it affects the people living in that house. Let us consider the north east area of the house is cut in that case the head of the cosmic man i.e. The Vastu purush is cut. What will this lead to?

The area of the head is controlled by planet Jupiter which influences Wisdom, right thinking, benevolence, prayer etc. now if this portion is found cut then in that house some of the above mentioned qualities are found missing in some of the dwellers.

Suppose a house has a toilet or a sink in the area of Brahmasthan which is the source of energy and the life force in a human being. The cosmic life force will flow away along with the water. Houses with a defect of this sort affect the health of the occupants and over a period of time lead to financial loss.

Now let us look at the problem from another point of view. The Nabhi of a human is controlled by Moon the vibration of which is orange, now the water when being drained from the centre of the house will reduce 2 colours orange and indigo. The reduction of orange affects the strength of Nabhi and the indigo will reduce the strength of the Ajna or the brow charka of the body.

The effect of reduction of these colours leads to loss of creativity, happiness, causes frequent mood swings, loss of money over a period of time and disturbed mental functioning, irrational decisions are often a result of reduction of these colours.

The corrections are done at two points in a house of this type of defects. First at the point of Nabhi with energy rings to compensate for the loss of energy and second at the Ajna charka area in the house and ensure the area is kept free of any loading in the area. Only this type of correction gives accurate results which are measurable.

Now the imbalance caused to the body should also be addressed. The sacral charka [ Nabhi] has orange vibration, this reduction is overcome by chanting the mantra “OM GAM GANPATAYA NAMAH:”

The vibration produced by this is orange, to compensate for indigo colour chant the mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAY”. Similarly there will be prayers in other religions and sects which produce these vibrations and the body can be corrected by use of these prayers.

Though these systems are not mentioned anywhere in books of Vastu the solutions are arrived by having a good combined knowledge of astrology, colour vibrations, human aura, human subtle energy system and physics of products used for correction and finally a system of measuring the results.

In this manner we analyse various positions in a house or office and find the effect of a place on the human body. The human body is the most perfect creation of God. It has a perfect Vastu if the cosmic man i.e. the Vastu purush is hurt by imperfect Vastu of a place the persons residing in such a place will suffer in accordance with the defect.